Research applicable vehicle and service information, vehicle service history, service precautions, and technical service bullteins. P-1
  Describe procedure for performing a road test to check brake system operation, including an anti-lock brake system (ABS). P-1
  Install wheel and Torque lug nuts P-1
Hydraulic System
  Measure brake pedal height, travel, and free play (as applicable); determine necessary action. P-1
  Check master cylinder for external leaks and proper operation. P-1
  Inspect brake lines, flexible hoses, and fittings for leaks, dents, kinks, rust, cracks, bulging, wear, loose fittings and supports; determine action. P-1
  Select, handle, store, and fill brake fluids to proper level. P-1
  Identify components of brake warning light system. P-3
  Bleed and/or flush brake system. P-1
  Test brake fluid for contamination. P-1
Drum Brakes
  Remove, clean, inspect, and measure brake drum diameter; determine necessary action. P-1
  Refinish brake drum and measure final drum diameter; compare with specifications. P-1
  Remove, clean, and inspect brake shoes, springs, pins, clips, levers, adjusters/self-adjusters, other related brake hardware, and backing support plates; lubricate and reassemble. P-1
  Inspect wheel cylinders for leaks and proper operation; remove and replace as needed. P-2
  Pre-adjust brake shoes and parking brake; install brake drums or drum/hub assemblies and wheel bearings; make final checks and adjustments. P-2
Disc Brakes
  Remove and clean caliper assembly; inspect for leaks and damage/wear to caliper housing; determine necessary action. P-1
  Clean and inspect caliper mounting and slides/pins for proper operation, wear, and damage; determine necessary action. P-1
  Remove, inspect, and replace pads and retaining hardware; determine necessary action. P-1
  Lubricate and reinstall caliper, pads, and related hardware; seat pads and inspect for leaks. P-1
  Clean and inspect rotor, measure rotor thickness, thickness variation, and lateral runout; determine necessary action. P-1
  Remove and reinstall rotor. P-1
  Refinish rotor on vehicle; measure final rotor thickness and compare with specifications. P-1
  Refinish rotor off vehicle; measure final rotor thickness and compare with specifications. P-1
  Retract and re-adjust caliper piston on an integral parking brake system. P-3
  Check brake pad wear indicator; determine necessary action. P-2
  Describe importance of operating vehicle to burnish/break-in replacement brake pads according to manufacturer’s recommendations. P-1
Power-Assist Units
  Check brake pedal travel with, and without, engine running to verify proper power booster operation. P-2
  Check vacuum supply (manifold or auxiliary pump) to vacuum-type power booster. P-1
BRAKES Miscellaneous (Wheel Bearings, Parking Brakes, Electrical, Etc.)
  Remove, clean, inspect, repack, and install wheel bearings; replace seals; install hub and adjust bearings. P-1
  Check parking brake cables and components for wear, binding, and corrosion; clean, lubricate, adjust or replace as needed. P-2
  Check parking brake operation and parking brake indicator light system operation; determine necessary action. P-1
  Check operation of brake stop light system. P-1
  Replace wheel bearing and race. P-2
  Inspect and Replace wheel studs  
Electronic Brakes, and Traction and Stability Control Systems
  Identify traction control/vehicle stability control system components. P-3
  Describe the operation of a regenerative braking system. P-3