1 Research applicable vehicle and service information. P-1
2 Verify operation of the instrument panel engine warning indicators. P-1
3 Inspect engine assembly for fuel, oil, coolant, and other leaks; determine necessary action. P-1
4 Install engine covers using gaskets, seals, and sealers as required P-1
5 Remove and replace timing belt; verify correct camshaft timing. P-1
6 Perform common fastener and thread repair, to include: remove broken bolt, restore internal and external threads, and repair internal threads with thread insert. P-1
7 Identify hybrid vehicle internal combustion engine service precautions. P-1
Cylinder Head and Valve Train
8 Adjust valves (mechanical or hydraulic lifters). P-1
Lubrication and Cooling Systems
1 Perform cooling system pressure and dye tests to identify leaks; check coolant condition and level; inspect and test radiator, pressure cap, coolant recovery tank, and heater core; determine necessary action.
2 Inspect, replace, and adjust drive belts, tensioners, and pulleys; check pulley and belt alignment. P-1
3 Remove, inspect, and replace thermostat and gasket/seal. P-1
4 Inspect and test coolant; drain and recover coolant; flush and refill cooling system with recommended coolant; bleed air as required. P-1
5 Perform engine oil and filter change P-1