1 Research applicable vehicle and service information P-1
2 Disable and enable supplemental restraint system (SRS). P-1
3 Inspect rack and pinion steering gear inner tie rod ends (sockets) and bellows boots. P-1
4 Determine proper power steering fluid type; inspect fluid level and condition. P-1
5 Flush, fill, and bleed power steering system. P-2
6 Inspect for power steering fluid leakage; determine necessary action. P-1
7 Remove, inspect, replace, and adjust power steering pump drive belt. P-1
8 Inspect and replace power steering hoses and fittings. P-2
9 Replace power steering pump filter(s). P-2
10 Inspect pitman arm, relay (centerlink/intermediate) rod, idler arm and mountings, and steering linkage damper. P-1
11 Inspect tie rod ends (sockets), tie rod sleeves, and clamps. P-1
12 Inspect upper and lower control arms, bushings, and shafts. P-1
13 Inspect and replace rebound and jounce bumpers. P-1
14 Inspect track bar, strut rods/radius arms, and related mounts and bushings. P-1
15 Inspect upper and lower ball joints (with or without wear indicators). P-1
16 Inspect suspension system coil springs and spring insulators (silencers). P-1
17 Inspect suspension system torsion bars and mounts. P-1
18 Inspect and replace front stabilizer bar (sway bar) bushings, brackets, and links. P-1
19 Inspect strut cartridge or assembly. P-1
20 Inspect front strut bearing and mount. P-1
21 Inspect rear suspension system lateral links/arms (track bars), control (trailing) arms. P-1
22 Inspect rear suspension system leaf spring(s), spring insulators (silencers), shackles, brackets, bushings, center pins/bolts, and mounts. P-1
23 Inspect, remove, and replace shock absorbers; inspect mounts and bushings. P-1
24 Inspect electric power-assisted steering. P-3
25 Identify hybrid vehicle power steering system electrical circuits and safety precautions. P-2
26 Describe the function of the power steering pressure switch. P-3