Wheels and Tires
1 Inspect tire condition; identify tire wear patterns; check for correct size and application (load and speed ratings) and adjust air pressure; determine necessary action. P-1
2 Rotate tires according to manufacturer’s recommendations. P-1
3 Dismount, inspect, and remount tire on wheel; balance wheel and tire assembly (static and dynamic). P-1
4 Dismount, inspect, and remount tire on wheel equipped with tire pressure monitoring system sensor. P-2
5 Inspect tire and wheel assembly for air loss; perform necessary action. P-1
6 Repair tire using internal patch. P-1
7 Identify and test tire pressure monitoring systems (indirect and direct) for operation; verify operation of instrument panel lamps. P-2
8 Demonstrate knowledge of steps required to remove and replace sensors in a tire pressure monitoring system. P-2